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Tuesday, January 19, 2021
When the moon squares Venus in the early hours, it increases the need for love and affection, and we may seem a little clingier than usual with loved ones. If you find yourself alone during this energy, the temptation could be to find comfort with a stranger, but this would be ill advised. The thing you're looking for is the intimacy you can't get from someone you don't really know. Impulse purchases should also be avoided because they will also fall flat as a solution.

Empathy is high when the moon sextiles Mercury later. You could find yourself listening more deeply to others' concerns and actively trying to assist in finding solutions to their issues. You'll find most people are very forthcoming with their feelings and thoughts as well, which can give you new insights into who they are and what they believe. As usual, the more you share of yourself during this transit, the more you'll get out of it. You'll be a wonderful addition to any team with an open mind.

The sun moves into Aquarius later in the day, which could lead you to feel like you need to reconnect with anyone you haven't spoken to for some time. You might visit some favorite spots you haven't been to in a while and generally just feel like you've tapped into the collective once again. It's a reminder of the fact that we're all intertwined.
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