Say No to Spot Training
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While most of us have a certain body part we would like to work on more than others, there is no such thing as spot reducing. When you do a specific exercise for a specific part of your body, the muscles of that particular body part will... Read More
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Stress: Brush it Off
By Ajit Airon Stress is a part of the present life. There could be many reasons for the stress: Financial problems, family problems,...
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Learn How to Meditate the Easy Way in Less Than 2 Minutes
By Jae Jans Do you want to learn how to meditate but don't know where to start? When you think of meditation do you think of a guy or...
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What is the Best Way to Meditate?
If you are like most of us, by now you would be confused as to what would be the best way to meditate. You may be searching the net...
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